Jerry Campbell

Jerry Campbell completed his fine art training at the Ontario College of Art in 1986.

Jerry is a ‘Plein air’ painter, that is he paints on location, completing the entire work in one sitting. He is interested most in archiving the information to be found in the urban landscape. The artist seeks out that which is dynamic in city life, be that as witness to a collective history making event such as the events of the ‘G20’, or in noticing minute changes that contribute to the evolution of a neighbourhood, as seen in ‘Yard in winter’ or ‘Alley in snow, 2016’.  Always intrigued by a good story, when Campbell hears that the Gardiner Expressway is to be demolished, he is away to capture it.

Mr.Campbell has been influenced by the work of Camille Corot, Sigmar Polke, Marc Dellassio, amongst others.