Shannon Dickie

DICKIE  Untitled (Music Video Still #15) 36 x 48
DICKIE  City streets 2 2014 Oil 15 x 30
DICKIE  In the park 1 2014 Oil 12 x 12
DICKIE Day at the island 1 2014 Oil 16 x 20

Untitled (Music video Still #13)
24'' x36''

Untitled (Music Video Still #15)
36" x 48"

City streets #2, 2014
15'' x 30''

In the park #1, 2014
12'' x 12''

Day at the island #1, 2014
16'' x 20''

A Toronto based artist, Shannon Dickie graduated with a BAH from the University of Guelph. In 2010 she awarded Best Student Painter at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition. In 2013 her work was selected as one of 14 Emerging Artists to exhibit at The Artist Project. Since her graduation Shannon’s work has been included in many group exhibitions. She works in the field as an Arts Educator.

Shannon references digitally-captured moving images as source material, capturing the moments between our ever-shifting memories. The artist paints with a meticulous process of blending thin translucent layers to interpret the motion of the subject, as she associates the transience of digital imagery with a faded, or fading, memory. Her work lies between the spaces of  realism and abstraction.

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