Susan G. Scott

Susan G. Scott was born in Montreal, Quebec. In 1966 she left to study painting at Pratt Institute in New York City. She attended fine art schools in Boston, Main and Montreal, and finally the New York Studio School of Drawing and Painting in 1972. An invitation to teach painting in Vancouver, BC brought her back to Canada in 1980. She has since taught in various schools throughout North America and currently teaches at Concordia University.

Scott’s voice as an artist is defined both by the tenets of abstraction which provided her early foundation as a painter, and an enduring love for the craft and compositional acumen of the old masters. Her paintings are developed in series over the course of several years and are often based in literature as with her series Yiddish Folk Tales and Les infants terrible. More recent series have shifted to semi-autobiographical subject matter and landscape. Scott incorporates direct observation as well as photographs of scenes which she stages using live models and costumes. The process of working back and forth from model to photograph and from paper to canvas can continue for many months, creating a complex layering of reality and narrative interpretation.

Scott has had many one person and group shows, including three solo exhibitions that toured Canada: Susan G. Scott: Works from 1974 to 1983, Blindman’s Buff (1988 – 1991) and Les infants terrible (2003 – 2005). Her work  can be found in permanent collections in Canada and Europe including Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nickel Arts Museum, Musée d’art contemporary de Montréal, and Collection du Fonds regional d’art contemporain d’ile-de-France.