Erin Loree

LOREE  Causality Oil 36 x 48
LOREE  The harder you try to let go 2 Oil 24 x 18
LOREE  The harder you try to let go 1 Oil 24 x 18
LOREE  Still point 2014 Oil 11 x 14
LOREE  The Pinnacle Oil 36 x 24
LOREE Unclimable mountain 2015 Oil 20 x 16

36'' x 48''

The harder you try to let go 2
24'' x 18''

The harder you try to let go 1
24'' x 18''

Still point, 2014
11'' x 14''

The Pinnacle
36'' x 24''

Unclimable mountain, 2015
20'' x 16''

Born in 1988, Erin Loree completed her studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (2012), Toronto and Florence campuses, followed by a 6 month artist residency at the Sachaqa Art Center in Peru. Along the way she has been honored with many awards and scholarships, including the OCADU Drawing & Painting Medalist Award (2012), Nora E. Vaughan Award (2012) and the Karl Heinz Wiesen Memorial Award (2010). Her work was featured in the OCADU and the Galerie BAC booths at the Toronto International Art Fair, 2013.

This body of painting by Erin Loree evolved from work that refers to the figure and physiology. Still referring to the dismantled figure in space and time, here the saturated background is abstracted, a fresh concentration of luxurious blended swathes and thick, visceral mark-making, all done with great speed. There is a sense of introspection, one of personal transformation.