Lan Zhenghui


Lan Zhenghui works in Beijing, New York City and Toronto and is internationally known for his monumental abstract-ink painting. In 2006, he was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Grant which lead to a solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. In 2013, during the Art Basel-Miami Beach, Lan was included in the influential art exhibition, “28 CHINESE"- the Rubell Family Collection, which is considered a barometer for Chinese contemporary art collectors. Lan has been invited to create works by several international companies for brands such as BMW, Kiton (top bespoke), DS, Schiesser. He is an honoured guest for the art seminar held by Mephisto, as well, he is the assigned artist for the Volkswagen Phaeton VIP club.

Lan’s work is characterized by an abstract ink-splash style. Lan’s aesthetic moves deftly between the realms of the rational and irrational. He transmits the “strokes” of traditional Chinese calligraphy into the “structure” of modern painting, the “freehand” of traditional Chinese painting into the “expression” of modern painting.