Creative Fury

October 2020

Marcel Barbeau, Mark Stebbins, Cope2

The arrival of fall colours marks the arrival of new works at Canadian Fine Arts!

Creative Fury includes a selection of works from a number of Contemporary artists, as well as a group of excellent works by well known Canadian Masters.  Hanging side-by-side, Harold Town, Harold Klunder, and Jean-Paul Riopelle match the energy and excitement from works by contemporary artists Mark Stebbins, Christopher Knights, Michel Beaucage, David Cheung and Lucas Beaufort.

The conversations between works provide an interesting point of engagement, comparing the revolutionary approaches of mid-century artists, with those being explored in contemporary practice.

On the wall until the 17th of October, we hope you get a chance to experience a burst of Creative Fury.

Michel Beaucage

Kim Dorland, John Meredith, David Cheung

Jean-Paul Riopelle, Lucas Beaufort, Melanie Authier

Mark Stebbins

Christopher Knights, Xiaojing Yan, Harold Klunder, Marcelle Ferron, Harold Town

Léon Bellefleur, Jacques Hurtubise, Erin Loree

John Meredith, David Cheung, Christopher Knights, Carol Wainio