Women who defined Canadian Art

October 23rd – November 13th

Betty Goodwin, Emily Carr, Jori Smith, Rita Letendre, Molly Lamb Bobak

An exhibition featuring works for sale by 30 important historical Canadian painters from the 1920’s through to the present. While the Group of 7 dominated the national conversation in painting, a driven and resilient group of women carved their own record of artistic development in their studios from coast to coast. Often overlooked and under recognized, these artists continue to grow in popularity with major retrospective exhibitions cementing their place in history.  Artists include members of the Beaver Hall Group, Emily Carr, Kathleen Moir Morris, Prudence Heward, Doris McCarthy, Molly Lamb Bobak, Joyce Wieland, Marcelle Ferron, Rita Letendre and others.

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Rita Letendre, Marcelle Ferron, Doris McCarthy

Kathleen Moir Morris, Sarah Robertson, Prudence Heward, Anne Savage

Jori Smith, Yvonne M. Housser, Molly Lamb Bobak, Joyce Wieland, Melanie Authier

Marjorie Gass, Emily Coonan, Florence McGillivray, Anne Savage, Nora Collyer

Kathleen Moir Morris, Regina Seiden, Henrietta Shore, Laura Muntz Lyall

Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Mabel Killam Day, Emily Louise Elliot, Irene Senecal, Kathleen Moir Morris

Melanie Authier, Lise Gervais, Rita Letendre

Mary Pratt, Wanda Koop, Betty Goodwin

Past Exhibitions