Jean-Paul Jérôme

Jean-Paul Jérôme, a multi-faceted painter, sculptor and creator, was a founding member of the historically important Plasticien movement in the 1950’s.  Active as an artist during his lifetime, the commitment of Jerome to his artistic pursuit is reflected in an impressive and courageous legacy of paintings and sculptures.
Highly exhibited and collected in Québec during his lifetime, the work of Jérôme is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, The Musée des Beaux arts, and the Musee d’art contemporain in Montreal.
Geometric Abstraction provided a conduit for the artist to explore the potentials of colour and form on the canvas and built form.  CFA Gallery has engaged with the steward of Jérôme’s legacy to bring to Toronto and the wider Canadian audience, exceptional examples from an artist who should be reflected in any collection of North American abstraction.
An excellent resource on the artist can be accessed at and conversations and viewing opportunities can always be achieved through the doors at CFA Gallery.